Custom Wheels by Dima is a family owned business specializing in custom dually truck wheel design and fabrication.

We cater to individuals and the custom fit market, and are committed to getting you cutting edge custom forged machined wheels, adaptors and spacers, without sacrificing the strength and quality.

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Truck models fitted with DIMA custom dually wheels, DIMA dually adapters and spacers.

Chevy Models gallery
Dodge Models gallery
Ford Models gallery

DIMA Custom Dually Wheels, Dually Adapters and Dually Spacers are proudly fabricated in the USA

We fabricate both Stud Pilot Adapters and Metric adapters.

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DIMA Stud Pilot Adapters
DIMA Metric Adapters

Wheels available sizes:
22”, 22.5“, 24”, 24.5”, 26"

All of the custom wheel designs in this web site are protected under the Federal Copyright Act. Reproduction of these wheels, either in whole or in part, without prior written permission, is strictly prohibited.

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